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Multiplying Ministry

For many years, FBC has joined hands with a missionary ministering in India. This person was trained at DTS and has a ministry focused upon training “grassroots” leaders who plant reproducing churches among many unreached people groups. He does this through partnerships to create two-year “Training Centers.” The Bible-based disciplemaking training enables the leaders to start planting new churches while they are in training. They then see the churches and the training process multiply among the unreached peoples.

God has wonderfully blessed this work. In fact, in the two most recent Training Centers (2009-2011),
the following fruit has been experienced over two years: 55 leaders trained, over 100 new house churches
planted with 2697 in attendance, 1282 baptisms, and 458 disciple-making small groups. Eighty-eight
percent of those attending the new churches are committed attendees in the disciple-making small groups.

Now, Fellowship Bible Church has the wonderful opportunity of sponsoring the next Training Center
to penetrate a region with many “unreached” people. Workers in this critical area have begged for this
training, so they can plant reproducing churches among the people. A key leading pastor, who lives in
a nearby city, knows these leaders and will play a pivotal role in facilitating the training. He has the
unusual freedom to access this otherwise closed region (under enforced curfew after dark).

The name Legacy Training Center was chosen in light of the continuing impact the Gospel will have
as it penetrates this dark area. The purpose is to plant reproducing churches among the unreached tribal
groups. The starting date is scheduled for January 2012 with a two-year duration. The number of church
planters to be trained will be thirty.

The cost for the training will be close to $25,000. This includes materials, travel, food and lodging
(very “Spartan”), but no salaries. This represents only about $35/month to train each church planter. A
secondary goal will be to equip the leaders with essentials like “tent-making” projects for self-supporting

There is every reason to believe that God will use the Legacy Training Center as He has the other training
experiences to raise up disciples and disciple-making leaders among the neglected targeted people groups
in this part of India. What a tremendous privilege it is for FBC to have an active part in this ministry!

If you would like to support this effort in training grassroots church-planters through FBC, please make
your check out to Fellowship Bible Church with the designation of Legacy on the Memo line.
May God richly bless you for helping to bring the light of Christ to an otherwise very dark place!

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